About becoming a Green Bean Endurance Sponsor

The Green Bean Endurance movement is a growing force of new and excited endurance riders. What they all have in common is a need for endurance gear. This is where as a business you come in! We need sponsors for our monthly prize give-a-way as well as promo codes from equestrian vendors. Give-a-way prizes can be as small as lip balms, or as nice as a halter bridle, we can put them to good use. Promo codes help our riders to obtain gear with a small discount and drive our membership to your stores for the gear that is needed for endurance riding. If you are an individual that would like to make a one time gift we can make good use of that as well for year end Team prizes, or the monthly drawing. Big, small, in between, each little thing is a help for this group that is all run by the good grace of others (through donated goods) that have a heart for endurance riding and building riders for the future. If you would like to sponsor a monthly prize, a year end prize, or a single small prize please contact our group at admin@greenbeanendurance.org Thanks to all who have helped and continue to help us thrive!

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