Twenty Days and Counting!

Wow!  The year has sure gone by in a blur ☺   Only three weeks to go in the 2015 Green Bean competition, and the competition is hot and heavy.  Last minute TEAMS rides keep going to the scoreboard.    Some interesting things have gone down (partial-spoiler) in the individual standings as the Fall rides impact the riders placements.   


Also counting down are the days to enroll for 2016.  Enrollment is stating your intention to ride with us.    We really need that heads up in order to build the new scoreboard (it is a big deal) which automatically tallies your ride points, and rider as well as TEAMS stats.  So if you think you are going to put down $10 to play for the entire year, please take a moment to fill out the form for your particular interest Individual or TEAMS.  

*Note to 2015 TEAMS:  We will open up the scoreboard again on or around November 14th.  This will give you opportunity to view your rides on the scoreboard, and notify us if an adjustment needs to be be made.  Please be prompt in notifying us as your TEAMS directors have their own race…to the finish.   Best of luck everyone.

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