Tendon Injuries in Endurance

The biggest fear for most endurance riders is that their horse be injured.  Tendon injury is probably on the top five list for sidelining an endurance horse.  So the big what to do if it happens to you…
*Please note these articles are for informational purposes only, diagnosis and treatment should ultimately be between you and your horses veterinarian.  **Article’s are linked to the actual source documents and do not reside on this website.

Stem Cell for Tendon Injury here.

Treatment here.

The long road back here.

Bowed Tendons here.

An article from The Horse Channel here.

Five Common Sport Horse Injuries here.

More on rehabbing from David Ramey, DVM here.

Rehabilitation of Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Carol L. Gillis, DVM, PhD read it here.

Carol Gillis, DVM, PhD
, DACVSMR   read it at the source here.

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