Scoring system on your RIDER card

 On our score cards that we present to the veterinarian at an endurance ride we are scribed a “grade” for each category.   Below is the grading system used by the vet and what those grades mean.

A) superior, (B) acceptable, (C) cause for concern, or (D) unacceptable and cause for elimination.

Then we have PULL CODES:

  • Lame (L)
  • Metabolic (M)  (Gut sounds, hydration, capillary refill, thumps, electrolyte imbalance, tie-up, etc.)
  • Overtime (OT)  (It took you too long to finish the course for the distance you rode)
  • Surface factors (SF)  (the terrain)
  • Disqualified (DQ)  (you broke a rule)
  • Rider option (RO) (you decided to pull your horse for your own reasons)
  • Rider option-metabolic (RO-M)
  • Rider option-lame (RO-L)

As a new rider, familiarize yourself with this grading system and the pull codes.  Understanding the grading system can help you make an informed decision to RIDER OPTION if your horse is at risk, and not just blindly carry on to the horse’s detriment.   If you see a “C” be concerned!

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