New at Endurance? Want to join into the Green Bean fun?

To be a member of the website, just click on the white tab at the top of the screen.  The website is free, and being a member qualifies you for our occasional free drawing of sponsored equestrian goodies!

To join the competition click the tab that says join for 2016.   If you want to ride solo you will choose the Individual competition.  If you are going to form a TEAM you will click on the team option and fill out that form.   Payment for either competition is $10 for the entire year.  We will have TEAM awards, an Individual Award, and a Volunteer of the Year Award. 

How does it work?   You must complete sanctioned rides with published results to participate.  You must not have more than 1000 published combined distance rider miles.   You may ride as much  or as little as you like, and turn in your rides within 30 days of completion.  We track them on our automated scoring spreadsheet.  The competition runs from (Dec. 1-Nov. 31).    We announce winners as soon as we are able to verify the data online, or by submitted data.   The cost for participation with Green Bean © is $10 and you will be sent an invoice when it is time for the launch of our program. The $ from this go into year end prizes, site-sponsored prizes, shipping, and keeping the website afloat! No points will be scored for unpaid riders, so be sure you get that done before logging your rides with the ride secretary.   We have a competition page at Facebook, click here.  We hope you join the fun and compete with us in 2016.

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