Worthy Reading

The Wild Ones, a mustang’s struggle here.  Horses that once existed in the millions now reduced to thousands…

Endurance Riding from First Steps to a Hundred Miles here.  This book written by Clare Wild is a timeless treasure of building the endurance horse.

Go the Distance, by Nancy Loving gives advice on building the total endurance athlete here

Fourth Gear will take the horse with a nice base and build it into an athletic force.  Written for the over-achievers who want to bring their game to the top!  Dennis Summers here.

Ten Feet Tall, by Julie Suhr , documents her early foibles in the sport to ultimately becoming one of the most beloved endurance riding icons.  Find it here.

The Wind in my Mane by Nancy Morgan Reed.  Buy it here.

America’s Long Distance Challenge II, “Karen Bumgarner’s America’s Long Distance Challenge fills a long overdue need within the sport of distance riding. It makes it clear that being a successful endurance competitor is more complex that simply running your horse as hard as possible….”      here.

The Long Ride, by Lucian Spataro Jr. The Long Ride is a vivid, sweeping and passionate story about a modern day adventure that puts you firmly in the saddle, on the back of a beautiful Arabian horse, and sets you upon a record-setting ride through small towns and big cities across America.” Find it here.

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