The Winds of Change

For many of us change is a frightening thing.  The reasoning that we have always done something a certain way, hence it should always be done that way resonates with the “Old School.”  There comes a day however when those who liked it as it has always been, must make way for those who will be coming next.   To embrace a new generation of riders coming into distance riding we need to find ways to make them feel welcome, refine the communication and educational options available, and develop new and exciting venues within the sport to resonate with new rider’s goals and interests moving into the future.  It isn’t that endurance is not endurance anymore, but rather we continue to seek and provide embraceable goals, incremental venues of growth, all the while pointing the way to the legacy of 100 mile rides, as well as the mindset that “to each his own.”  Change should create growth but does not need to destroy the essence of endurance / distance riding.  Within our sport there are people who are visionary, who  are able to look to the future, without giving up the sanctity of the past.     Ride with us in 2016…Green Bean Endurance.

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