Collective Wisdom: Training/Adaptation

Weighty Articles of Worth:

Adaptation and overtraining in horses subjected to increasing training loads


G. Bruin , H. Kuipers , H. A. Keizer , G. J. Vander Vusse

Journal of Applied Physiology Published 1 May 1994 Vol. 76 no. 5, 1908-1913 DOI:

Effects of a 3 month endurance training programme on skeletal muscle histochemistry in Andalusian, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses

 Source:   Equine Veterinary Journal,
Volume 27, Issue 1, pages 51–59, January 1995 ,J. L. L. RIVERO, MARIA C. RUZ, A. L. SERRANO and A. M. DIZ


Muscular adaptation of horses during intensive training and detraining

Source:  Equine Veterinary JournalVolume 21, Issue 1, pages 27–33, January 1989, Birgitta Essen-Gustavsson, D. Mcmiken, K. Karlstrom, A. Lindholm, S. Persson, A. Lindholm

Source document: Equine Veterinary Journal
Special Issue: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology
Volume 42, Issue Supplement s38, pages 387–392, November 2010

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