When you encounter hardship…

Our growing group will soon hit the ground running for the 2016 ride season (some already have!).  Over the course of this season even cautious planning and careful riding will not prevent all risk from our sport.  You may encounter hardship.

Hardship comes in many forms:

*My truck blew up
*My horse trailer ground to a halt
*My horse had a boo-boo (other words something hit the fan despite one’s best efforts)
*I’m old and can’t keep up (this writer’s personal favorite)
*Saddle doesn’t fit
*People don’t like me (we like all of you)
*My family has needs
*I’m having a less than stellar day, week, (fill in the _____).

We can insulate ourselves perhaps from some of it, but not ALL of it.  The answer is simple.  If the plan breaks down just draft a new one.   If your competition plans hit the fritz…

*Drive your car to a TEAM ride and crew for your peeps
*Drive to a ride near you, wear your Green Bean T-shirt and be a volunteer
*Get online and promote Green Bean and endurance riding in general
*In short, you may not be doing what you wanted, but you can do something for the betterment of this sport  and this group we all l♥ve.

 Do your best:

*Your best (not your friend’s best, or somebody else’s best, YOUR best) be it volunteerism, one well completed ride, one new friendship, one hug to someone else encountering hardship.   Some of those are the biggest wins you will ever have in life—just reaching your hand out and saying “I’ve been where you are, let me help.”
*Set your short term goals to be reachable (meeting the cut off of your ride time window, bettering your last LD time a little bit).
*Set your long term goals to magnetically pull you to greater things (your first 50, first 75, first 100, Old Dominion, Tevis, your hearts desire).  Those dreams keep us alive and challenging ourselves.  Even if you never arrive there, go ahead and dream big ♥ see where the journey takes you.   It is quite possible that your goal will point you to entirely new paths, your path, your destination.

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