Green Bean Endurance Updates!

As of August 3 the Green Bean Team competition has logged 201 individual rides.   Current rider statistics:

Division: On the Vine ( 0-499 miles )

Windriders ranked 1st with 605 points
Jolly Greens ranked 2nd with 395 points
Pony Tails ranked 3rd with 335 points

Division: Picked (500-2499)

Freeks ranked 1st with 1070 points
Mileage Mamas 2nd with 705 points
Mustang Endurance Horse ranked 3rd with 512.5

Individual High Point Team Riders

On the Vine: (0-99 )

Rae Ann Andrea ranked first with 200 points

Picked: (100-499)

Dale Weaver ranked first with 375 points

Cooked: (500-1000)

Dave Wisniewski ranked first with 192.5 points

Notice to TEAM riders!!!

September 1st the scoreboard is going DARK.  You will not know who, is scoring what.  We thought it might be fun to put a little “twist” into the game ☺  Final scores will be announced at the end of the competition.  Use the last three months wisely, use strategy…you have your horses fit. Are you ready to bump up your distance and bring home some point multipliers?  Are you ready to synchronize as a team and bring home five rides in a weekend?  I say… ride smart, the game ain’t over until it is OVER.  

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