Open Enrollment

Green Bean (Competition) is opening up enrollment for those who might like to  ride on a TEAM in 2016.  No fees are due at enrollment (a $10 fee for prizes applies when the competition goes into gear officially December 1st).  Teams of 5 riders (each rider must have less than 1000 sanctioned distance miles to compete against similar mileage teams.  Last year we limited the competition to 125 riders.  We hope to expand the competition in 2016 and will include some interesting non-riding options for  team building and gaining bonus points for TEAM members.

Low mileage TEAMS will compete in a division called ON THE VINE.

Intermediate TEAMS will compete in a division called PICKED.

Higher mileage/ experienced TEAMS will compete in a division we call COOKED.

Our program is based on mileage, but we use a point system.  LD’s are worth their sanctioned ride mileage (25 miles = 25 points), 50 mile rides ( are worth their face value + bonus points X 1.25), 100 mile rides are worth their face value (100 miles + bonus points X 1.50).  In this way we encourage and reward growth, either by upping your game gradually, or riding at your comfort level strategically.  It is a unique competitive platform.

  Bonus points in 2016 are about TEAM building,  and at the same time giving back to your sport, team, and our ride managers, it’s gonna be fun! You will be able to ride one day for points, and volunteer the next for bonus points!

We have a few interesting twists and turns for the game in 2016.

We are also considering an individual mileage based competition for solo riders as well.  If we have fifteen riders sign up we will have it.    We hope you will join us for some friendly competition, and random magical sponge giving in 2016 ☺

If you are interested in forming and riding on a TEAM in 2016 click the tab up above Join the Competition 2016 to go to the form to sign up.  There is a form for TEAM and a form for Individual.

 Many thanks!

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