A listing of a few of the various GREEN BEAN endurance riding groups on the web/and facebook.

Green Bean is a social movement of people willing to help new endurance riders, and the new riders themselves.  The following is a list of groups and links to find them.  These groups offer a safe harbor for new riders to learn & grow in their distance riding journey.  Join one or all to interact with a fabulous group of riders and mentors in the sport.

North American Endurance Green Beans:  This is the national gathering place group for all Green Beans.   A great place to ask your endurance questions, share information, help others, and help yourself.  It resides on Facebook.

Green Bean Competition & Membership:  This is the facebook page affiliated with the competition and this web page.   We offer TEAM competition, with year end prizes for riders with less than 1000 competition miles in the sport of endurance riding.   Membership is free, and to join a competition during open enrollment is $10 (which goes back to prizes at the end of the year).  Visit this page to find out more about competing with us, or general questions about the competition itself, or just to cheer on the competitors.

PNER Green Beans on Facebook:  This group was the impetus and founders of the Green Bean Movement.  They are based out of the Pacific Northwest region.  They offer a free competition and are a friendly and helpful group reaching out to new riders in endurance.

Mountain Riders Green Bean on Facebook:  Mountain Region

Central Region Green Beans: Central Region

Northeast Distance Green Beans: Northeast Region

UMECRA Green Beans: Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Riding Association

Southern California Endurance Riders:  not a green bean group, but a group that welcomes green beans!

Green Beans of the Southeast: Southeast Region

WNY Green Beans:  New York

Wild West Green Beans: Western Region

Fraser Valley Endurance Green Beans

Canadian Green Bean Distance Riders:  Canada

String Bean Distance Derby:  For Green Beans wanting to trim down…and get fit!

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