The Importance of R-E-S-T

 Quotes from trusted sources of endurance information…about the importance of rest.

Rest is as important as conditioning miles. One of the least used tools of endurance riders can be rest. Once a horse is a veteran (approximately, a three-year horse) he should have three months off during the winter. All horses should have a week rest after a fast 50 and a month off after the Tevis Cup. Conditioning should be completed weeks before the rides, not increased in the month preceding the ride.”  Full article at Cypress Trail click here.

“Time off and recovery seems like it should be straightforward, but it is just as individualized as the rest of your program as there are many factors to consider.  There is time off (rest) during your conditioning program and there is time off/rest following an endurance competition.  And then there is the immediate post ride care needed following an endurance competition.”  Full article at Endurance 101 and Beyond click here.

“Remember — you are conditioning muscles and bones for endurance, and part of a conditioning program is a period of rest to allow the body to recover and become stronger. You should NEVER run your horse into the ground thinking it is training.” Full article at Old Dominion Endurance to read click here.

“A rest day is essential. At least one rest day per week. If the horse does not feel right, or begins his workout with low energy, give him a few days off. He might be sick or overtrained (not adjusted to the work he is doing).” Full article  at Perseverance Endurance click here.

 “ Always remember that rest is critical to the conditioning of an endurance horse as it allows the horse to recover from the stress of training.” Read the full article at WAERA Inc online here.


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