Green Bean Endurance selects: 2015 Mentor of the Year

Mentor of the Year
GBE 2015

The value of a mentor when starting one’s endurance riding journey cannot be given real and meaningful words. It is “that” important. A mentor is a person that is patient, giving of themselves, nonjudgmental, selfless, and just plain good and helpful. A qualified mentor can make the difference in a long enduring ride career for both the new endurance rider and the horse that carries them the miles. That first year is everything. Building the rider’s character, competitor citizenship, as well as the horse’s bone, tendon, cartilage, and mind. A new rider can make it or break it those first handful of rides. It is that time frame that supports an encouraged new rider vs. a discouraged new rider. A mentor on board supports those early critical rides becoming a success.
In the spirit of that, Green Bean asked for nominations for the GBE Mentor of the Year. This award nomination was open to all Green Bean riders, even those not in our competition. We received some meaningful entries. One person though stood out as exemplifying what mentor-ship is, and what mentor-ship should be.
She led our  junior riding TEAM to rack up the points in their division. They rode 1785 combined miles, scoring an incredible 2215 points. She took her riders from LD to 100 mile ride completions! It is reported that she hauled them, fed them, prodded, sponsored, and encouraged TEAM FREEKSto dominate the competition.
Sarah Maass, AERC member from Fairfax, Minnesota you epitomize everything a mentor is. It is with gratitude that we name you 2015 Green Bean Endurance, Mentor of the Year.
(As a token of our appreciation Sarah will receive as an award a sterling silver hand stamped necklace GBE2015/Mentor/Endurance, from our group. She will also receive a beautiful pottery piece from Ann York. Thank you to our sponsor.)

Honorable mentions in the Mentor of the Year category:

Sharalyn Hay
Judy Clark 
Mentors everywhere…Thank you all for all you do.

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