Forming a Green Bean Team

If you are new to endurance the concept of forming and riding in a TEAM might seem daunting.   Let us tell you how easy it is to ride TEAMS with Green Bean Endurance and some of the benefits of riding TEAMS.


A Green Bean Endurance TEAM consists of five riders (riding any number of horses, owned, or borrowed for the day).   A TEAM does not have to ride the same events, the same day, they do not have to even ride together.  TEAM riders can be separated by regions, for instance one rider might ride in the Northeast, one in the Midwest, one in the Mountain region, etc.  The riders of a TEAM pull together to ride sanctioned rides (see our competition rules) and they recieve points not for placement, but rather, completion of rides in whatever distance they prefer to ride.   The TEAM format also allows non-riding sidelined TEAM riders options for bonus points to support their TEAMS with those bonus points.    Basically five low mileage (less than 1000 recorded sanctioned ride miles) riders join forces and use strategy to cleanly complete rides, and the points accumulate towards possible year end TEAM prizes. Where open endurance riding awards placement, our focus is completion.    The concept of TEAMS is to learn the ropes, incrementally build your horse in a safer ride format,  and create an endurance riding social network.


The point system is based on mileage completed at a sanctioned ride.   Limited Distance rides bring home points = to the mileage ridden.  For instance if you complete a 30 mile ride (even in last place) you will turn in the ride and get 30 points for your TEAM.   If you ride Endurance at the distance of 50-74 miles you would receive points for the mileage (let’s say 50 miles as that is the most common distance) plus bonus points for the increasing distance.     As distance increases, so do bonus points.   As your riders progress with their ride goals in the sport, bonus points add to your year end score.


On a given year, with five people riding on a TEAM, stuff can happen.   We feel that a TEAM riding format should offer their riders an alternative option for assisting their TEAM to earn points even if the horse is sidelined for some reason.   Coming to the 2016 ride season we will offer bonus points for the following:

  • Endurance Riding Clinics (Both beginner level 101 & Intermediate Clinics)  
  • Volunteerism at sanctioned rides
  • Attend an intro ride (this is a one time point award per TEAM rider) 

So a total newbie can attend a clinic, send us the supporting signed documents, and jump start their points for the year.   Same with intro rides, and volunteerism.   In effect a brand new rider on a TEAM can add some points for their TEAM just by educating themselves and learning the ropes!


  •  Learning the ropes of riding endurance through attending clinics and volunteerism
  • Making new social contacts at rides and among your TEAM riders
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishing beginner level goals
  • Growing your experience through riding sane and sensible rides. 
  • Year end prizes for the winners in each category.
  • Eligibility for prize drawings donated by our sponsors.


Visit search Green Bean on Facebook or find the links tab for Green Bean Groups on this site.  Post on these forums asking if someone would like to ride TEAMS.  Get a group of five together.  Then follow the instructions on the link below.

Click on the link  here. 

The total donated cost for TEAMS is $10 per rider for the year.  *A rider must be an AERC member to participate as that is the sanctioning body of the rides you will attend.  Your membership will be verified prior to posting your points.  The $10 fee goes to year end prizes and the annual cost of this website (about $15).   Volunteers run the competition and we receive no compensation for it. Period.

*Please note that Green Bean is a little volunteer group sponsoring the competition and the competition is not a product or affiliated with the American Endurance Ride Conference.

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