Answer Key : Quiz #4

QUIZ # 4

Recognizing your horse is having a problem. Let’s go!

  1. 1. If all is go your horse’s eye will be _____________________? Bright

  1. A warning sign is the horse’s eye will be ________________? Glassy

  1. If you horse is in the danger zone the eye may be ____________ ,
  2. or ____________. Fixed, sunken
  3. Capillary refill of the gums of a healthy well hydrated horse when pressed with a finger should occur within _________ seconds. 1-2
  4. The amount of time it should take the skin to recover from “the skin pinch test” if your horse is well hydrated. ____________. 0-1.5 seconds
  5. A horse in the red (danger zone) will have a jugular refill response (press, hold, release with a finger on the jugular vein of the neck) that is delayed and may take more than ____________. 3 seconds
  6. The gums of a horse in the danger zone may appear ____ , ____ or____. Dry, purple or blue.
  7. After 10 minutes of strenuous exercise (canter, uphill climbs, etc) and horse that is fit for the job should have a pulse recovery of __________ within ten minutes. <68
  8. The vet will listen to gut sounds and ___________or ______________ are a cautionary warning that your horse might be headed into trouble. Deceased or increased
  9. The respiratory rate of a horse that is in trouble metabolically will be __________or _____ labored / abnormal
  10. A cautionary sign that all may not be well with the horse’s joints, muscles or tendons is _________ or ________. heat, swelling
  11. The anal tone of a healthy horse will be _________. Tight
  12. Impulsion of a horse that has been conditioned and is fit for the job you have given him will be _________ and _________. free, willing
  13. ________ or ______ is a sign that things are not well for your horse. Stumbling, Stiffness
  14. The attitude of a horse in the danger zone will be __________. (dull, not eating, drinking, pooping or peeing.
  15. The attitude of a healthy prepared horse in competition will be _________, ___________, and ______, ___________, ___________ and ________ _________. bright, eating & drinking, pooping, peeing, and moving freely.

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