GREEN BEAN ENDURANCE has moved to “greener” pastures!

Yes!  GBE (Green Bean Endurance) has rolled up the carpets and moved our membership.  Our paid members will still be eligible to:

  • Form and compete on a TEAM annually.

  • Enroll in the LEVELS PROGRAM  which will replace the badges program.  More on badges later.

  • We are working on giving you access to  AERC Mentors with experience of 1000 miles or more.

  • Qualify for awards through our program.

  • Continue the camaraderie we have always had on our Green Bean Endurance Competition & Members page on Facebook.

  • Have access to our member directory to find contacts and riding buddies in your geographical area.

  • Be eligible for fun drawings for prizes.


    • Keep up to date on intro clinics, meet ups, TEAM gatherings at rides.

      Better yet, with the move of our group to a blog site, access to our educational links features are free as always and member dues will hopefully decrease in 2016.  We are going to have some fun and we hope if you are a member you will stay with us, and if you are not, what are you waiting for?   Join us at GBE! ☺

      And speaking of 2016…now is the time to be considering your TEAM for 2016.  We expect to have some new Green Bean Teams coming on board, and some existing Green Bean Teams defending their National titles!  Be sure and look at our updated rules under the TEAM COMPETITION tab at the top of this page.  There will be some rule changes for 2016, we are going to allow more potential teams to sign up,  and if you don’t want to be part of a team you can sign onto the Individual Mileage competition.  The deadline for sign-up for 2016 will be November 31, 2015.  Remember that to sign up for TEAM competition you must prove active membership with (this is our way of supporting the sanctioning body of the rides we attend) and an active membership with Green Bean Endurance which fees support our prizes for the competition.

      About your membership dollars:

       It is our policy that all member sign up fees go back into the membership by way of prizes, fun give-a-ways & shipping costs for the prizes (and prizes given by our sponsors).  We are a volunteer run group, receiving no personal compensation.   Your membership fees pay for the domain as well ( at the hefty price tag of $12 per year ☺  We hope you enjoy your time spent on our blog, utilize the educational links, and meet everyone on our competition page!  

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